Brief History

DANLILIA CONSTRUCTION CORP. is a construction and development company built upon the legacy of Dan F. Salvador, Jr., one of the leading names in the building industry.

Dan F. Salvador, Jr. obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at De La Salle College in 1953.  He passed the Civil Engineering Board Exams the following year.

Right from the start, Dan F. Salvador, Jr. knew he wanted to be his own boss.  Fueled by this ambition, he worked for the top construction companies in the Philippines.  After eight years of learning the tricks of the trade from such masters as American Builders, RF Sugay, E.G. Gochangco and Mulmac, he was ready to be on his own.

Thus began DAN F. SALVADOR – CIVIL ENGINEER/BUILDER in 1962. In a short time, he began to establish a solid reputation among corporate giants such as Philippine Refining Company (now Unilever Philippines), Shell, Union Carbide, Westinghouse, Abbott Laboratories and more.  Under his helm, no project was ever left unfinished, a work ethic he proudly practiced and passed on to his children.

After more than two decades, his children started joining him in the business.  They all came prepared with diplomas in various fields of engineering, management and finance.  They proved their mettle by introducing new ways to strategically improve their construction business and by systematically enhancing their operations through the application of information technology. In 1989, DAN F. SALVADOR – CIVIL ENGINEER/BUILDER, became D.F. SALVADOR BUILDERS AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (DFSBDC).

Over fifty years since Dan F. Salvador, Jr. planted the seed, his vision continues to guide and inspire Danlilia Construction Corp.